Making a Template for a Marine Teak Grate

Hello and thank you in advance for choosing Goodale Marine and electing to furnish us with a template for your project. We’ve received templates made on everything from newspaper to plywood. Brown paper works best but is difficult in wet environments so we recommend using clear plastic, preferably 6 mil thick to avoid template “walking.”

The only tools you need are a tape measure, a pair of scissors, a piece of clear plastic and a magic marker, preferably red to make it easier to see in both the template and building process. The average head/shower takes all of 10 minutes to fabricate a template.

custom marine teak grate from templateStep 1: Take a measurement of the area you wish the grate to cover. Write this measurement down. Add 1-2 inches to that measurement and cut the plastic to that size, this is in case you slip; you will not get marker lines on your surface.

Step 2: Lay the plastic down in the area for the grate. Hold the plastic firmly to the surface, trace the outline of the area to be covered. Following the edge of the non-skid works well but remember, we want a tight fit. You will, in most applications find that the marker will follow the upwards curve of the area. Mark the entire circumference of the surface and remove the plastic.

Step 3: Using your scissors, cut the plastic along the line you have marked.

Step 4: Place the now trimmed plastic back down on the deck and check for proper trimming. If you are happy with the fit, this concludes this step. If more trimming is necessary, simply repeat step 2.

Step 5: When the template is trimmed to the precise dimensions you wish your custom product to be built, please label any drains, shower head placement, doors, and the fore/aft and port/starboard (front/back and left/right for you landlubbers). If you are able to do so, this is a good time to take digital photos, for your own needs as well as to be sent to us. We are ecstatic to receive before and after photos which are saved for our portfolio and website. It also aids in the building process for the ultimate transformation to your application.

Step 6: Neatly fold or roll you template and mail to Captain Rich at Goodale Marine. Normally we can build your custom product in 7-10 days, which we will ship immediately back to you via UPS. Upon completion and shipment we will e-mail you tracking information should you like to follow the status of your shipment.

Thank you once again for choosing Goodale Marine!

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