Our Teak Tables are Top Notch!

Teak tables are prized for their durability, elegance and natural properties that other timbers don’t provide.  We customize teak tables with folding leaves, extensions, cup holders, pedestals and inlays. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Stop envisioning the teak table you’ve always wanted – and order it!

Teak Wood Furniture – High Class Quality

marine teak table

natural/oiled marine teak table

Native to the tropics, teak wood is highly prized due to the natural oils and rubber found within its composition. The oils and rubber are sealed into the grain of the wood, even after harvesting and processing; thus, teak has supreme durability and weather-resistance. If teak is dried to approximately ten per cent of its natural content, the rubber and oils serves to weatherproof the wood and protect it from dry rot. They also protect the teak from parasites and fungi that often ruin other types of wood.

These qualities make teak the perfect material for tables – and Goodale Marine doesn’t use just any teak. Our teak tables and marine teak products are crafted from Burmese teak, the best teak available.

Teak might seem a bit expensive, but the savings in waterproofing plus teak’s durability and longevity actually make it very economical.

gloss epoxy teak table

gloss epoxy teak table

Goodale Marine Teak Tables

Goodale Marine offers a wide variety of teak tables, including natural/oiled teak tables, gloss epoxy teak tables, butcher block teak tables, reclaimed teak tables, and UV finish teak tables.

Teak tables from Goodale Marine come in multiple sizes, such as folding, large round, or extension tables. The extensions are particularly handy for accommodating varying numbers. We create top-notch teak tables to suit an array of unique tastes, and with the natural beauty and incredible qualities of teak, your investment will last for decades.

Natural/Oiled Teak Tables ○ Gloss Epoxy Teak Tables ○ Butcher Block Tables

Reclaimed Teak Tables ○ Economy Teak Tables

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