Our Teak Products

Although we have access to any type of wood you may want to construct your item with, we primarily recommend teak, specifically Burmese teak. When we build your item with Burmese teak, we’re quite happy to give you a lifetime warranty on that product. We’re happy to build anything for you out of other materials, but we guarantee our Burmese teak tables and marine teak products. Marine teak wood is durable enough to withstand the demanding conditions on the water and look gorgeous at the same time.

teak tree becomes teak tables

teak tree

The Burmese Teak Difference

There are many inferior grades of teak on the market, the bulk of which is plantation teak. Plantation teak is grown in course sand and harvested every 5-10 years. Although these young trees might be slightly more cost effective, they are very low in sand and oil content, which defeats the purpose. Burmese teak is harvested every 25-50 years, is grown in sand the consistency of powder and is extremely high in oil and sand content, somewhere in the area of 800% higher then plantation teak.

This is what makes teak TEAK. Mold and mildew as well as germs just won’t grow on it. This is why quality yacht builders and marine teak wood workers demand Burmese teak for the harsh marine environment.

In the last number of years plantation teak growers have fueled the notion that Burmese teak is an endangered species and is destroying our rainforests and other such nonsense. Burmese teak is big business, highly regulated in and around Burma. For the record, we do not do business with the Burmese government.

What does it take to make a teak table?

Here’s the materials list for a 23-1/2″ x 36″ teak table:

  • 77 linear feet of Burmese teak
  • 117 marine-grade stainless screws
  • 4 oz waterproof glue
  • 7 oz teak oil.
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