Custom Teak Decking


Custom Teak Flooring

This is a custom made teak floor with epoxy finish. We had customers request a flooring system for the galley area to remove/protect from staining and such, without having to replace the entire cabin carpeting. What appears to be the traditional black teak deck caulking is actually black epoxy in the seams, which makes the flooring amazingly strong and easily shipped anywhere. It can be laid directly on the carpet, locks itself in place or the carpet can be removed. simply cut the carpet 1/4″ inside the flooring area, the flooring has a 1/4″ routing along the perimeter as a built in molding for the carpet.

Teak-and-Holly Decking for Your Boat

Shown here is a teak and holly plywood decking with Teak molding aboard a Tiara 34′. This product is only to be used on interior spaces. Accurate templates are neccesary or job must be done on site for quality fit.

teakholly5 teakholly3 teakholly4

The Teak Difference

What a difference some take makes! Teak has a rich, dramatic effect on your interior décor. It’s also very durable and has a non-slip surface — ideal for boats and homes as well.





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