Free-standing Teak Benches

Our free-standing teak benches are durable and attractive, and they can be custom-built for just about any space.

Corner benches are great in the shower.


img_0126_6yqv Fold-Down Teak Benches

IMG_0120Fold-down teak benches are so useful in many ways. Great on any boat, in the bath or wherever you may need another seat where space is a concern.

Some folks like them as an extra shelf when counter space is limited. Once again, made out of durable non-slip beautiful teak that won’t mold or mildew.

benchesFigure 1: Freshly built teak bench top

Figure 2: Stainless steel invative hinge system. Unlike most hinges that put the finger in a guillotine type system to collapse it, this hinge is the ticket. Just depress the little tap at the front of the bracket, and “Click”. It will release, dropping down and locking in place with your finger well out of harms way.

Figure 3: Underside of bench with hinge in.

Figures 4 – 6: Fold-down table mounted on center console. Shown here is Captain Rich’s 1979 18″ Robabo, recently registered as an antique, swinging happily on it’s mooring in scenic Key Largo.

When I bought this boat the previous owner used a cooler as a seat. Great idea, but then you have to move it to get in the forward fish boxes, and we certainly can’t have a nice big Mahi waiting for his turn on the ice, so the cooler had to go!

We can make these teak benches any size you choose and can be mounted at various heights. I wanted this one high enough to get a tall spackle bucket underneath (lock’s right in there). I also wanted to use a standard throw cushion, so it measures 15″ by 15″.

Want a custom cushion to match your boat? Just let us know. We have a sweetheart of an upholstery lady right next to our shop and can ship her boat accessories along with the bench. Keep the cushion out of the weather and it will last a long time. Leave the teak out in any weather, it doesn’t care, as teak has been the choice for marine decking for hundreds of years.

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